North Point Mall has partnered with six very talented artists for an artist showcase. Take an art walk visiting various storefronts with artwork featuring these local artists.

Diana Toma | @artbydianatoma

Kevin Hayes | @the_color_trap

Carrie Penley | @carriepenleyart

Maureen Engle | @maureenengle.fineart

Michael Savoie | @SavoieArt

Tavius Elder II | @floatingcherubillustrations

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Diana Toma

Diana Toma is a full-time artist making a living exclusively out of painting related activities. Born and raised in Eastern Europe, Romania, she moved West to NYC in 2006, later on putting down roots in Georgia, Atlanta area. Influenced by the European culture in which she was educated, and enriched with American flavor, her artistic style blends traditional techniques in a contemporary fashion. Holding a Master’s Degree in fine arts from the Romanian University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Diana has participated since 1995 in over a hundred art exhibitions including eight individual solo art shows. Her paintings have been featured in magazines, online publications, and commissioned for display in public spaces, winning through time an array of awards, such as Michael’s national contest where her painting “Springtime in Paris” won the grand prize from a juried selection of over 11,000 artists submissions. Diana has been a guest interviewed for podcasts and in printed press, and invited to speak on behalf of the working artist on panel discussions. She is an ardent supporter of the art community, volunteering as the demonstration chair for Georgia Watercolor Society, and formerly as the country representative for the USA Chapter of the International Watercolor Society. Diana is also often invited to judge and jury art shows, and to teach painting workshops at art centers within USA and abroad.

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Instagram:   @ArtbyDianaToma

Michael Savoie 

Michael Savoie is an accomplished artist specializing in abstract realism figurative work. Having a natural affinity for humanity, he was always drawn to the emotions and interpersonal relationships of people. Michael has been on a professional journey of fine art for the last 19 years and creates canvas paintings, murals, custom luxury handbags and apparel. His work can be found in the homes of celebrities, prominent collectors, and is also featured on several seasons of FOX Network’s “EMPIRE”. Michael’s goal is to continue to inspire with thought-provoking and emotionally charged visual art.

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Instagram: @SavoieArt

Kevin Hayes

Kevin Haynes is an author, entrepreneur, activist and prison arts thought-leader

Kevin Haynes is a former High School art teacher and graduate of Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. Kevin’s work embodies art, as demonstrated by his self-published art activity postcard book, “Picture Me Out”, published under his young enterprise that goes by the name of, KyteSketch by Kyte Cards. 

Kevin’s passion is helping prisoners cope with incarceration via art making programs that feature his signature semi-illustrated art activity postcards.

Kevin’s also the owner of a design firm called, The Color Trap, located at North Point Mall in Alpharetta, GA where he optimizes collaborations from said correctional programs to host coloring workshops that feature his amazing 4X3 ft. coloring sheets that are optimized for immersive coloring parties and fine art.

Haynes, not showing any trace of slowing down, has displayed prolonged dedication and service. The startup entrepreneur hopes to continue his legacy by creating more opportunities, more postcards, and changing more lives through his art. 

In his spare time, he is an avid hiker where he sharpens his design concepts and ideas for maximum performance, which explains his key position as an emerging new artist from Atlanta.

Today, he dedicates a lot of time helping people engage in the creative process while enhancing their social lives via virtual and mobile coloring events. “When it comes to art parties, you want interactive projects that help your clients through all of life’s twists and turns by providing them with a creative environment that they enjoy and thrive in”, exclaimed Haynes.

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Instagram: @the_color_trap

Carrie Penley

Born in a small town in Georgia, Carrie Penley is an American artist who creates a unique style art through subtle color, expressive brush stroke, contrast and collage material and most often wildlife. Her paintings are a collaboration of realism and expressionism. Her love of the outdoors and wildlife is evident and through her contemporary style of painting she hopes to bring this enthusiasm for the outdoors to older and younger generations alike. The future of wildlife conservation resides in today’s emerging career businessmen and women and entrepreneurs. She strives to impart the value of our natural world to her viewers who will in turn be energized to go outside, experience nature, become involved in conservation and ultimately create a positive impact for wildlife. 

After graduating from the University of Georgia, she lived in Atlanta as an interior designer working on local and national design projects under the tutelage of Dan Carithers and Dotty Travis. This experience proved instrumental in her creative and design aesthetic development and she continues to draw on her experiences from those formulative years. A mostly self taught artist, Carrie painted privately for 13 years while working in the design field and raising three children. In 2012, she established a full time studio and began showing her work publicly.


Gallery Wild, Jackson, Wyoming 

B.D. Jeffries, Atlanta, Georgia 

Buckhead Art Company, Atlanta, Georgia 

Stellers Gallery, Jacksonville, Florida

Group Exhibits & Shows 

Chronicles From the West, Solo Show, Gallery Wild, Jackson, Wyoming 2021 

Solo Show, The Booth Museum, Cartersville, Georgia 2021 

Jackson Hole Art Fair 2020, Jackson, Wyoming 

Jackson Hole Invitational, Gallery Wild, Jackson, Wyoming 2020 

Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, Charleston, South Carolina 2020 

Buckhead Art Company, Iconic, Atlanta, Georgia 2020 

Buckhead Art Company, Black and White Exhibit, Atlanta, Georgia 2019 

Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival, Thomasville, Georgia 2017-2019

Slate Grey Gallery, Group Show, Austin, Texas 2017

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Instagram: @carriepenleyart


Maureen Engle

Maureen Engle is a native New Englander who has spent significant time painting in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. She currently resides near the mountains of northern Georgia and remains inspired by the woodlands and their environs. Maureen brings God’s gifts of peace and joy found in nature to her paintings and then, to the viewer.

Best known for her depictions of colorful hay bales and birch trees, Maureen strives to create a narrative around subjects found in the natural world. Her hay bales are scattered in the field, infused with sunlight and color to denote hard work, harvest, sustenance. Birch trees grow straight, clustered, and entangled with colors bouncing off their white bark – pink, lime, and purple.  

Maureen works in a variety of mediums and across different genres, translating the energy and depth of a tumbling brook or shadow pattern into pure abstraction, and across mediums with beautiful watercolors including award-winning portraiture.

An intuitive painter, Maureen applies impasto paint with a palette knife in layers and enjoys watching the piece evolve. She is a dedicated art instructor and conducts classes and workshops at the Spruill Art Center in Atlanta, Georgia, and Alpharetta Art Center, Alpharetta, Georgia, teaching watercolor, acrylic, oil, drawing, and mixed media. 

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Instagram: @maureenengle.fineart

Tavius Elder II

Tavius Elder II, an Atlanta native and 2005 Fashion Design/ Marketing graduate of American InterContinental University has been drawing since the age of 5. Recalling obsessively scribbling stick figures on stacks of paper and proudly showing them to his parents “I truly was obsessed with the feeling of creating figures and matching colors even at such an early age.” Tavius grants this passion for style and art to his family, “My graceful mother and stylish grandmothers have always been the source of my art inspiration, that will never change.” This early hobby turned obsession has led to a plethora of opportunities and creative experiences through the years.

Today, Tavius’s art continues to evolve, most recently into portrait and realism experimentation. Tavius uses all art mediums to create fashion-focused illustrations. “I’m a mixed media artist who really doesn’t like to choose one medium over another. They’re kind of like people, so different but when they work together it can be magical.”

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Instagram: [@floatingcherubillustrations]