Tavius Elder II, an Atlanta native and 2005 Fashion Design/ Marketing graduate of American InterContinental University has been drawing since the age of 5. Recalling obsessively scribbling stick figures on stacks of paper and proudly showing them to his parents “I truly was obsessed with the feeling of creating figures and matching colors even at such an early age.” Tavius grants this passion for style and art to his family, “My graceful mother and stylish grandmothers have always been the source of my art inspiration, that will never change.” This early hobby turned obsession has led to a plethora of opportunities and creative experiences through the years.


Today, Tavius’s art continues to evolve, most recently into portrait and realism experimentation. Tavius uses all art mediums to create fashion-focused illustrations. “I’m a mixed media artist who really doesn’t like to choose one medium over another. They’re kind of like people, so different but when they work together it can be magical.”


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Instagram: [@floatingcherubillustrations]