Kevin Haynes is an author, entrepreneur, activist and prison arts thought-leader

Kevin Haynes is a former High School art teacher and graduate of Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. Kevin’s work embodies art, as demonstrated by his self-published art activity postcard book, “Picture Me Out”, published under his young enterprise that goes by the name of, KyteSketch by Kyte Cards. 

Kevin’s passion is helping prisoners cope with incarceration via art making programs that feature his signature semi-illustrated art activity postcards.

Kevin’s also the owner of a design firm called, The Color Trap, located at North Point Mall in Alpharetta, GA where he optimizes collaborations from said correctional programs to host coloring workshops that feature his amazing 4X3 ft. coloring sheets that are optimized for immersive coloring parties and fine art.

Haynes, not showing any trace of slowing down, has displayed prolonged dedication and service. The startup entrepreneur hopes to continue his legacy by creating more opportunities, more postcards, and changing more lives through his art. 

In his spare time, he is an avid hiker where he sharpens his design concepts and ideas for maximum performance, which explains his key position as an emerging new artist from Atlanta.

Today, he dedicates a lot of time helping people engage in the creative process while enhancing their social lives via virtual and mobile coloring events. “When it comes to art parties, you want interactive projects that help your clients through all of life’s twists and turns by providing them with a creative environment that they enjoy and thrive in”, exclaimed Haynes.


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